Tarot Time

What would you like to know?

The tarot cards can clarify a situation, person, or choices and give messages and warnings. Get answers to your questions about love, career, money, health, and the spiritual. Do you have existential questions? Questions about your family past, present or future? The tarot is here to help. The tarot can identify things holding you back and opportunities to bring you forward. Get spiritual and actionable guidance to make positive life-changing decisions.

Who answers the tarot? The tarot is not just my years of practicing the art form. Thanks to my inherited clairvoyance, I obtain answers by taping into the other realm. We connect with the divine. Questions about a loved one who is no longer here? Need healing? Help? Or a little magic? Divination can help.

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Discover Numerology

Discover your life’s purpose, karma, your traits, strengths, weaknesses, and life cycles.

Pythagorean numerology is the study of numbers that are analyzed to interpret their influences on our lives. These numbers can reveal cosmic vibrations and provide guidance that helps us follow the right path according to our destiny.

The numbers give a clear insight into who you are and how you can improve your life. It decodes everything that lies behind one’s birth date and name.

Right from a significant impact to a minor one, Pythagorean numerology helps people figure out the core meaning of their lives and purposes.

Karmic lessons are what you were meant to learn in this life. Do you know when is the best time to get into a serious commitment? When to start your own business? What is the best time to change (or not) your job, career, or address? Or when your luck will finally change? Numerology is here to help!


Alex G.

I had my first ever Tarot reading with The Head Witch. It was in depth and accurate- VERY accurate. The Head Witch is intuitive and connected. Most of the very specific things that she mentioned during our session have already come true, almost exactly the way the cards said they would. It was spooky! I think Amarantha did a great job with this reading- she was relaxed and confident, which made me feel the same about the reading as a whole.

Christiana H.

Amarantha – The Head Witch – did a wonderful job on my Tarot reading. She was honest, clear, and insightful. The reading had helpful surprises and it was a fun time!

Marie N.

Unlike other tarot readers I’ve consulted about my situation, Amarantha was the most honest as I could tell. Everything was sooo accurate and there was no amount of sugarcoating just to make me feel better. I’m so glad you showed me the truth and I can finally loosen up! I just know I’ve found the right tarot reader for me!

Natasha H.

Her reading was so on point that as I am currently living it out is uncanny and surreal. It wasn’t an easy reading but was one that prepared me for what was to come as much as it could…almost like a foreshadowing. The reading mentioned a transformation that included a move and a big change. Change isn’t easy when you’re going through it but grateful to have the Head Witch. And, I’m sure that the passing down of this ritual (6th generation) leads to her accuracy. I’m learning to be in the journey. I hope you do too.

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