Amarantha da Cruz

About Me

Amarantha da Cruz is a queer American-born Brazilian writer, editor, artist, yoga and meditation instructor, witch, and the founder of OyeDrum Magazine. She grew up in a multicultural, mystical, new-age household and learned fortune-telling at an early age from her beloved maternal grandmother. Traveling also influenced her and expanded her knowledge of other cultures and their spiritual and sacred rituals. Amarantha loves to help others and make them feel empowered with her mystical practice.


Alex G.

I had my first ever Tarot reading with The Head Witch. It was in depth and accurate- VERY accurate. The Head Witch is intuitive and connected. Most of the very specific things that she mentioned during our session have already come true, almost exactly the way the cards said they would. It was spooky! I think Amarantha did a great job with this reading- she was relaxed and confident, which made me feel the same about the reading as a whole.

Christiana H.

Amarantha – The Head Witch – did a wonderful job on my Tarot reading. She was honest, clear, and insightful. The reading had helpful surprises and it was a fun time!

Marie N.

Unlike other tarot readers I’ve consulted about my situation, Amarantha was the most honest as I could tell. Everything was sooo accurate and there was no amount of sugarcoating just to make me feel better. I’m so glad you showed me the truth and I can finally loosen up! I just know I’ve found the right tarot reader for me!

Natasha H.

Her reading was so on point that as I am currently living it out is uncanny and surreal. It wasn’t an easy reading but was one that prepared me for what was to come as much as it could…almost like a foreshadowing. The reading mentioned a transformation that included a move and a big change. Change isn’t easy when you’re going through it but grateful to have the Head Witch. And, I’m sure that the passing down of this ritual (6th generation) leads to her accuracy. I’m learning to be in the journey. I hope you do too.