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Get guidance and advice from the divine about career, money, love, family, friends, health, the spiritual, or any other aspect of your life you’d like to explore.

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Pythagorean numerology is the study of numbers that are analyzed to interpret their influences on our lives. These numbers can reveal cosmic vibrations and provide guidance that helps us follow the right path according to our destiny.

The numbers give a clear insight into who you are and how you can improve your life. It decodes everything that lies behind one’s birth date and name.

Right from a significant impact to a minor one, Pythagorean numerology helps people figure out the core meaning of their lives and purposes.

Karmic lessons are what you were meant to learn in this life. Do you know when is the best time to get into a serious commitment? When to start your own business? What is the best time to change (or not) your job, career, or address? Or when your luck will finally change? Numerology is here to help!

Motivation: What you want in life. Your soul’s desire is what drives your life.

Impression: How you see yourself. How others see you before you open your mouth to speak. The first impression you give to others. Your personality.

Expression: Your professional interests, talents, and capabilities. Your actions.

Life Path Number: It is the only number that can never be changed. It is your destiny number.

Personal Year: Your personal year is your new year, and on every new year, you enter into a unique number and vibration. Do you want to know what year or next year will bring you? Or do you want to know the best year to start or finish something?

Karmic Lessons: Karma is a lesson we must learn that is in the missing letters of your name. Karma can be eliminated because it is in your daily life, work, and how you conduct yourself.

Decisive Moments / Pinnacles: Our internal reaction to the surrounding circumstances and your age range during life events you will go through. The roads you shall cross, like it or not. The path you’ll follow—the pinnacles on the yellow brick road that is your life.


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