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We begin with a very short meditation and visualization.  Get guidance and advice from the divine about career, money, love, family, friends, health, the spiritual, or any other aspect of your life you’d like to explore.

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Discover your life’s purpose, karma, your traits, strengths, weaknesses and life cycles.

This service is done by email. You will receive a personalized report, and you are welcome to reach out for follow up questions. Please contact me for further details!

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Let’s get deep! This bundle is the best way to go and a crazy deal. The tarot and numerology complement each other.

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Registered Yoga Teacher and meditation instructor for individuals and groups. Contact me about these services.

How did you know that?

“How did you know that?” is the number one question I get from people after a reading. I first learned fortune-telling/divination as a child from my grandmother with playing cards, better known as the ancient art of cartomancy. I’ve always known that I’m a witch or connected to another world. I began practicing tarot nearly twenty years ago and it’s become a great tool for figuring out hard decisions or when I’ve needed guidance. Around 2017, I began to take a serious interest in numerology shortly after I was  introduced to an acclaimed Brazilian numerologist who is now my mentor. My fascination and studies of the occult are a never-ending lifelong process and practice. What is a tarot reading? The tarot cards can help you understand your feelings about a situation, person, choices, warnings and more. It can identify things holding you back and opportunities to bring you forward. Want to find out your life purpose? Try numerology!

Are you a fellow artist or writer? Then this is the place for you. Every service helps keep our sister site and community at OyeDrum alive!

This is a safe space. No judgment. Any and all religions are welcome. Magick just makes life a little more fun.